Working Overseas

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Working Overseas

Working and Volunteering Overseas

Working and volunteering on your trip

If you’re on an overseas business trip, planning to get a short-term holiday job or volunteering on your holiday, here’s what you need to know.

When are you covered?

If you work (or volunteer) when you’re on your trip, you’ll have standard cover under all events in Events (when you’re covered) – except for under You are being sued (see page 67 for details) – provided that:

  • you’re in a temporary, casual or fixed term contract role;
  • you have the appropriate qualifications, licences, skills and experience to fulfil the role;
  • you take reasonable care of yourself and don’t put yourself in a situation where a reasonable person could foresee that an accident, injury or illness might happen; and
  • the work you’re doing doesn’t put you in any of the following situations: at heights of over 5m above floor/ground level;
  1. on offshore rigs;
  2. underground;
  3. in mines or caves;
  4. operating machinery or heavy equipment (except small hand tools);
  5. direct handling of or being in enclosures with non-domestic animals; or
  6. scientific expeditions or research in remote areas including within the Arctic Circle, the Antarctic and Greenland.

For example: If you’re working or volunteering in hospitality, tourism, retail, teaching, childcare or as a gym instructor, provided that you satisfy the above requirements, we’ve got you covered. But if you’re planning to take a job or do some voluntary work like cleaning windows on skyscrapers or spelunking, you won’t be covered under your policy if something happens while you’re on the job.

When aren’t you covered?

SureSave won’t cover you if your work (or volunteer activity) causes you to make a claim under the event You are being sued (see page 67 for more details).

Also, if your employer (or volunteer organisation) has any insurance or other cover available to you – such as workers’ compensation, any government schemes or other insurance – you should first make a claim with them for any event that occurs when you are working on your trip. If there is a difference between what they pay you and the amount SureSave work out that you’re entitled to receive under your policy, SureSave will pay the difference, provided your claim is approved by them.

And remember, there’s no cover under your policy for any business equipment and materials, stock, samples, tools and items of trade you have with you. (See Cover for your luggage and personal items on page 19 for more information on what we do and don’t cover as ‘luggage’.)

Working overseas for an extended period? Travel insurance is general insurance cover designed for travellers. It isn’t a replacement for private health cover when you’re living overseas