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Surfing and Surfboard Cover nib

Surfing and Surfboard Cover

Planning a surfing holiday, whether you are learning to surf through to being experienced enough to confidently drop into hollow reef breaks, surfing has its risks and that’s why it’s important to stay safe in the line-up.

Surfing Cover

Am I covered surfing by travel insurance?

There are numerous scenarios around surfing misfortunes and travel insurance, although this could take a while here are a few common questions to consider.

Remember: travel insurance is there for things that might go wrong and will not cover extreme risks, medical conditions that you have before you travel, deliberately putting yourself in danger or anything that involves alcohol or drugs.

Am I covered if I get seriously hurt while surfing?

Yes, if your policy covers surfing as approved activity, you will be covered by travel insurance for medical emergencies and treatment from shark bites and from injuries as a result of hitting the reef. You should contact the emergency assistance providers as soon as possible so they are able to get you the best medical treatment worldwide.

Am I Covered if my flight is cancelled due to natural disaster like the Bali ash clouds?

Provided you have already purchased your policy, then Yes! The sooner you purchase travel insurance the sooner you have cover for pre-paid deposits and travel arrangements. You should ensure your travel insurance policy has cover for cancellation costs and travel delay due natural disasters and severe weather including volcanic ash clouds.

Generally, cancellations and delays are covered by the airline, the insurance underwriter will cover additional expenses but require you to keep the costs and expenses reasonable and get a written confirmation of your claim with the airline. All travel insurance policies will require the event to have begun after you have been issued with a certificate of insurance another reason not to leave purchasing travel insurance till you are at the airport.

Is my board covered if it breaks while surfing?

This all depends on the type of travel insurance policy you take out. Generally surfboards are NOT covered while in use. Read your policy wording thoroughly to see if your board is ‘covered whilst in use’. Most insurers do not cover your surfboard while you are using it, however some policies may cover your surf board if it is lost, stolen or damaged with a carrier while traveling as part of your luggage and personal effects but strict conditions can apply, so make sure you check your policy wording for full details.

If I require repatriation where will they send me?

If it’s agreed that repatriation is necessary, there’s cover for reasonable, additional travel expenses to get you home (your return flight ticket might be used to reduce the insurer’s cost) and other reasonable and necessary additional expenses such as for a medical escort or a friend/relative to travel home with you (or accompany your child if you’re not able to). If you die overseas, then the repatriation cover includes either transportation of your remains or ashes home or your overseas funeral, burial or cremation (usually not both).

If I get sick or injured and I cannot go on my surf trip or need to come home?

Again, this depends on the travel insurance policy you take and whether it includes cover for Cancellation or Trip Interruption. If you have pre-booked a surfing lesson, flights and accommodation, and you get sick or injured before you leave home and cannot go on your trip, then you may be able to claim for the non-refundable parts of trip that you have to cancel. If your illness or injury interrupts your trip, then you may also be covered for the unused part of your prepaid expenses, less any refunds you receive. Cancellation/Trip Interruption cover doesn’t reimburse you for “loss of enjoyment” or if you change your mind, and may also exclude other scenarios, so read your policy wording carefully.

What to do if I am seeking medical attention?

Get medical help from a medical practitioner, such as a doctor, or by going to a hospital as soon as possible. If it is an emergency situation, contact the local emergency services first, then contact your travel insurance emergency assistance team as soon as you can.

If it’s not an emergency situation, still call your emergency assistance team, and they can direct you to an appropriate medical facility. Remember, if you’re in a country with a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement in place, you must take advantage of the public health system where possible.

Surfboard Cover

One of the best things about surf travel is you get to experience riding your surfboards in world class conditions. Maybe a new custom quiver specifically for your next surf trip location, perhaps you are just taking a couple of old faithfuls overseas again, it doesn’t matter if your surfboards are new or old their covered.

Everyone has a different taste and choice in the type of surfboards they ride, this could depend on the level of experience and wave conditions. Your surfboard cover will usually include most surfboard types including shortboards, longboards, fish surfboards, malibu, bodyboards, SUP’s and guns.

Policy wording could include the following: watercraft of any type (excluding theft of surfboards or damage
to surfboards whilst in the custody of a carrier);

Hiring replacement surf and golf equipment

Usually no excess applies to claims under this benefit.

Some insurers may provide cover for this benefit under their Comprehensive and Annual Multi Trip Plans.

What is usually covered?

If your golf or surf equipment is accidentally lost, delayed or damaged during your trip they may pay for the cost of hiring replacement golf or surf equipment.

What is not usually covered?

There is usually no cover where you have made a claim for the same costs under any other section of their policy.

What is the most they may pay?

The most the insurers will pay for this benefit is shown in their “Schedule of benefits”for your chosen plan. Limits may apply per adult traveller and are usually not increased for accompanying children.

Taking Expensive Surfboards and Equipment

Whats the point of expensive custom surfboards, if we can’t take them with us when travelling overseas or domestically in search of prefect uncrowded waves . You can increase the value of your surfboards above the standard luggage rate and remove any depreciation against their current value. There will usually be extra expenses to cover your increased luggage cover and this will be determined by the value of the item you are insuring.

Adding New for Old Luggage cover for your sports and leisure equipment (Usually optional cover)

You can add New for Old Luggage cover for your sports and leisure equipment (including musical instruments) by adding them as specified items and paying an additional premium at the time you buy your policy. Your sports and leisure equipment will then be covered for its replacement value – up to the amount you specify – except for when it’s in use (see “The ‘in use’ rule” in the policy wording).

You may also wish to add New for Old Luggage cover for your winter sports equipment even if you’re purchasing the Winter Sports Option, so that it’s covered for its full cost rather than its depreciated value.