Group Bookings

Group Bookings for Surf Charters / Resorts and Surf Camps

Our STI group specialists can assist your group, with custom travel insurance policies and discounts for groups of 8 or more.

We can assist the group leaders by providing a contact list that will allow our group specialists to provide travel insurance quotes to each surfer’s individual needs and requirements. Group booking are for Comprehensive Travel Insurance policies only and although bookings are as a group, each traveller will have an individual policy.

Most surf charter operators will require your comprehensive travel insurance policy when completing your booking. STI has a Group Booking Form that can be completed, the contact details will allow our specialist to contact the group and ask relevant questions required for a Comprehensive Travel Insurance quote.

Once the group has purchased their policies, STI will return the Group Booking Form with all policy numbers attached, which can be sent directly through to your surf charter operator, via an email attachment.

Benefits of Group Booking:

The group leader can present the surf charter operator with the groups, complete travel insurance details on just one form

If there is a claimable event it can affect the entire groups travel arrangements, one phone call could assist the whole group.

During a surf charter and a medical event should occur which will interrupt the groups travel, the surf charter will only require to contact one insurer for alternative travel arrangements for the entire group.