Business Travel Insurance with Surfing Cover

Business Travel Insurance with Surfing cover

We all have different jobs and careers, but our passion for surfing is the same.

Does your work commitments require you to travel overseas and require cover while surfing with consideration for your family needs?

For SME businesses where directors and staff travel overseas for work trips through the year, a corporate travel policy may not provide enough value and purchasing individual travel Insurance for every trip can be time consuming and forgetful at the least.

The Annual Frequent Traveller Plan provides cover for frequent travellers who take multiple trips throughout a 12-month period, saving them time and money. Because when you're on the road so often, who wants to buy a travel insurance policy every time?

Whether your business is in the surf industry, your business and employees can benefit when travelling overseas and domestically for work commitments with travel insurance that provides cover for surfing / snowboarding and leisure activities.

 You already have a Corporate Travel Policy through work.

Then the question is, will my benefits include the family while travelling, is my sporting equipment covered and are adventures and activities, including surfing remote locations a coverable event.

Are you unsure of where the limits of your existing business corporate travel insurance, start to end when planning your surf trip with friends and family through the year?

Surf Travel Insurance can arrange any gap and/or leisure travel insurance with sports cover and family benefits, simply talk a STI specialist today as we can assist with your travel insurance needs.

What you need to know about policy eligibility.

  • unlimited number of trips in a year
  • great levels of cover, with additional customised options available
  • Cover is available to eligible travellers who are less than 76 years of age at the time of policy purchase.
  • Now available to Australian residents who hold a 457 Visa, and New Zealand passport holders.
  • Policies may be purchased while travelling, however a 72-hour waiting period applies. Events occurring during this time are not covered by the policy.
  • Covers all domestic and international trips taken within a 12-month period (up to a maximum of either 30 days or 50 days each). Each trip must start and end at the traveller's home in Australia.
  • Cover the rest of the family on one policy - travellers can add another adult to their policy as an additional primary traveller, to be covered whether they travel independently or together. 
  • Children and grandchildren who meet certain criteria can be added to the same policy as a dependent; however, they must travel with a primary traveller.

Events - when you need help before, during and after your travels

A simpler, smarter way to explain what's covered.

  • Great coverage for a wide range of events, including damaged luggage, delays where the operator is at fault, and rental vehicle insurance excess.
  • Unlimited trip limit for overseas medical costs - this includes medical evacuation, medical repatriation and extra trip costs.
  • $12,000 trip limit for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal items, with option to add extra cover for valuable items, up to $10,000 in total.
  • Cover for travel delays when caused by a travel operator - up to $2000 trip limit.
  • $5,000 trip limit if you have to cancel or change your trip, with option to increase up to $20,000.

Options - Tailor cover to suit your trip

SureSave World Assistance gets that travel isn't 'one size fits all'. Travellers can tailor their cover with our range of options below.

  • Covers shorter trips (up to 30 days each trip) or longer trips (up to 50 days each trip) - choose the required maximum length when buying the policy.
  • Got an existing medical condition that's not automatically accepted? Travellers can choose to apply for cover for an existing medical condition, subject to a medical assessment.
  • Extra Cancellation Cover option allows travellers to tailor cancellation limit to suit their trip value, up to $20,000.
  • Add New for Old Luggage Cover for specified items up to an additional $10,000. This option also allows travellers to get cover for their sports and leisure equipment by adding it as a specified item.
  • Hitting the slopes? Add our Winter Sports Option for cover while participating in a winter sport - plus cover for snow holiday specific incidents.

SureSave World Assistance is here to help

And that means more than just providing insurance.

  • Access to SureSave in-house 24/7 Emergency Assistance team.
  • Easy claims process with fast turnarounds.
  • Access to the SureSave App - free to all SureSave policy holders. Tailored to each individual journey, you carry expert travel advice, information and resources in your back pocket.

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