Boardrider Clubs

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Boardrider Clubs

Boardrider Clubs

With discounts on the Annual Frequent Traveller Plan, the whole family can travel further while supporting their local, interstate and overseas surfing events.

At Surf Travel Insurance, we appreciate and value the contribution from the Boardriders community toward the future of surfing. Surf Travel Insurance has enlisted, surfing legend Gary “Kong” Elkerton as our Brand Ambassador in promoting, surf friendly travel insurance to Australian Boardrider Clubs.

Annual Benefits/ Expenses Limits
Overseas Medical Costs Unlimited
Medical Evacuation Costs Unlimited
Medical Repatriation Costs Unlimited
Extra Trip Costs Unlimited
Companion Costs Unlimited
Cancellation Costs $5,000 +
Cover starts away from home 100 km
Surfboards ( Per Item) $700 +
Increase surfboard cover Yes
Cover while surfing Yes
Dependent children under 25 Free
Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Yes
Cover for leisure and business Yes
Cover for snowboarding and skiing Yes
More benefits available Yes

The Annual Frequent Travel Plan

The Annual Plan is for 12 months, automatically covering International and Domestic Trips up to and including 30 days or 50 days duration. Unlimited trip limit for overseas medical costs -this includes medical evacuation, medical repatriation and extra trip costs. Suitable for all business, leisure and adventure travel.

Cover the Whole Family

The Annual policy covers your spouse or partner, regardless of whether they are travelling with you or independently. It also covers financially dependent children under 25 at no extra costs, provided they are accompanying you. Dependent children are covered with parents travelling together and independently.

Children: When adding your personal details, you may include any financially dependent children aged under 25 years and don’t have a full time job, who are travelling with you. Please note – The limits of your benefits will include them as well.

Surfing and Surfboard Cover

Stay safe in the line-up and get cover for medical emergencies and injuries while surfing. Domestic cover applies when 100 km from home. Our surfboard endorsement provides cover up to the standard limit of $700 per surfboard at no extra cost, expensive surfboards can be covered also..


Groups: STI group specialists can assist your group, with custom travel insurance policies to suit each surfer’s and non-surfers needs and requirements. With extra discounts for groups of 8 or more, we can arrange quotes for any size group.

Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Assessment of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: If you have an existing medical condition that is not automatically accepted, you can apply to add it as a specified medical condition when you buy your policy. Assessed online in just 10 minutes.